The Georgia CCIM Chapter is committed to further education for our members. We value our mission statement “To elevate our members to the highest level of success in the commercial real estate profession, and to shape the commercial real estate industry by being the most influential and innovative group of professionals.”
We are proud to offer the Georgia CCIM Chapter Mentorship Program for our members. This program will assist those who are new to commercial real estate, and establish relationships with seasoned professionals. Through this program, we also invest in our future, expose the chapter to a broad variety of qualified members. This program was also created to promote diversity by partnering with REAP, the Real Estate Associate Program. 



  • A program graduation certificate.


  • A CCIM course completion certificate. 


  • Must join the Georgia CCIM Chapter. Annual membership $130.
  • Attend 3 Chapter events.
  • Connect with your Mentor monthly.


Please complete the Mentee Application Form and submit it to [email protected].
All of our Mentees will have a jumpstart on their careers by being paired with a seasoned CCIM Designee who is successful in the industry. The Mentees will have opportunities to network amongst each other, with other Mentors, and expand their sphere of influence. There will also be occasional collective virtual meetings where Mentees will hear on topics specific to the industry. Mentees will also have access to great education and information from our chapter events. At the end of our program, the Mentees will be set up for long-term success in the commercial real estate industry, and also have a clear path to the pin. The application deadline is the end of January, and the program runs March-November. 
We need you!  If you are a Member of the Georgia CCIM Chapter, and are a Designee with over 7 years of industry experience, looking to develop a reputation as a subject matter expert, as well as enhance your interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills... and you are excited to give back and share your knowledge with others:  Please send your resumé to [email protected]  attention Kenisha Robnett.  We look forward to having you!