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July 08, 2015

We often hear questions from our members about Twitter. “How does it work?” “Is it worthwhile?” “Where do I start?” Twitter is a powerful marketing and networking tool, with 302 million active monthly users and 500 million Tweets a day.

However, Twitter is often overlooked in the commercial real estate industry. NAIOP explains it well: “Twitter is like the misunderstood middle child, difficult to understand on the surface, but complex and interesting on the inside. It gives users the greatest ability to tap into people outside of their networks and to expand those networks.”

Below are the top five benefits of using Twitter to stay on top of your commercial real estate game.

  1. Keep up with industry news
    Twitter has quickly become a go-to news source. From presidential bids to natural disasters, news often breaks on Twitter before mainstream media has a chance to publish it. From a commercial real estate perspective, you can follow media outlets, reporters and businesses in the industry to keep a constant stream of industry news.
  2. Network
    While LinkedIn is traditionally held as the social channel for professional networking, Twitter is even more powerful in building conversations. Free from the formal introductions and requests on LinkedIn, Twitter lets you directly connect with industry leaders, companies you’d like to do business with, colleagues and more. You can use Twitter to join in a conversation on the commercial real estate industry or reach out directly to someone you’d like to know.
  3. Market your business and clients
    Twitter is an excellent marketing tool, boosting your SEO and driving traffic to your website. Use Twitter to post properties (with photos for even more effectiveness), provide updates on developments, post job listings, etc. Twitter’s advertising tools can make your posts reach even further.
  4. Position yourself as a thought leader
    By joining in conversations on Twitter, you’ll position yourself as an industry leader. Search on Twitter using #CRE, #AtlantaCRE or #CREAtl to see what people are saying about commercial real estate nationally and in Atlanta, and join in the conversation. Potential clients will search your online presence, and having a strong message on Twitter can help bolster your reputation.
  5. Get more out of professional events
    Many events you attend will have a dedicated hashtag that allows attendees to easily connect with each other and discuss the event (we use #GaCCIM). Find out the hashtag of any events you attend, and Tweet live about points you find relevant and questions you’d like to ask. Other attendees will chime in, furthering the conversation and leading to new connections.

Twitter is often underestimated in our industry, but it’s a valuable tool that can help your career. If you’re interested in a more detailed how-to on leveraging Twitter for your business, contact us, and we’ll look into putting together a training session.